DEC '21: Directed a Promo Spot for the Seven Network for Australia Day with Gavin Wanganeen

FEB - AUG '21: The bulk of the year was taken up with the 6 x 1hr Episodes of " The Tourist " .

A Two Brothers Production in association with Highview Productions  for BBC, STAN, HBO Max and ZDF.

Aust Producer: Lisa Scott

Head of Production UK:Emma Pike

Assistant Producer UK: Catriona Renton

Directors: Chris Sweeny, Daniel Nettheim

DOP'S: Ben Wheeler x 1 - 3 Eps

Geoffrey Hall ACS x 3 - 6 Eps

Glad you like Scrolling ... ?

Location Consultant, Producer, Director 



March 2022:

My New Role for 2022 is Location Consultant,

I will assist Producers and 1st AD's with budgeting  for Locations on TV Series and Features.

JAN - MARCH'22: After being smashed with " The Tourist " I'm in no hurry to commit to any long term Location Managing positions for 2022

Nov'21 - Feb'22: Began a Locations Mentorship thru Mercury CX and the SAFC with my Mentee Craig Flanigan

He got a chance to help Lewis Kennedy on "A Beginners Guide to Grief" and in January was on set with Lewis and Maria Humphreys for two days during a RAA TVC thru Yah Yah. I wish him well for the future.


(L- R) Locations Manager Flinders Ranges: Mark Evans, Supervising Locations Manager: Sarah Abbey,

Location Manager Adelaide: Scott McCarten,

Assistant Location Manager Maria Humphreys,

Location Coordinator: Lewis Kennedy

Not Shown: Loc Assist Ben Krieg

With  well over 120 Locations from Hawker, Quorn and nearly every dirt track and farm property in the Flinders Ranges and beyond.

A hard slog with Maria and I spending over two months away...

From Searing Heat, to Zero Degrees with rain and mud just to top it off.

And throw in a Covid Lockdown in Orroroo.

After many recce trips up North we finally went up to begin shooting with Maria and I starting on Easter Sunday...


We strarted prepping the Hawker racecourse for the start of Shooting on the Tuesday after Easter... When I checked out Maria's Car and thought there was a sock caught in the grill of her car !!!!!


NOTE: Carpet snakes do not exist in the Flinders Ranges ???

We were the talk of the town, no one has ever seen a carpet snake in this area.... The snake must have been in this hire car for weeks and has travelled from Northern NSW or Queensland inside the engine of the vehicle... Amazing !!

Jan - Feb '21: Quiet start to the year, Spent two weeks doing a location search for Universal Studios, Checking areas that might work for a Woody Wood Pecker kids Feature Film. After a few Zoom meetings and checking out forest bush locations.. I suggested that Victoria might suit them better.

March '21: March 6 was a special day Harry and Gemma's Wedding Day

Nothing like a Stick Stuck in ya Eye( Straw in ya Eye )

The Location A Team - Pistashio Farm House

Mexican Restaraunt Interior Set Build

Lewis & Maria