JAN - MARCH'20: Finally Wrapped on " Mortal Kombat " in Feb '20 after  starting in May 2019. ( 9 Months )

Proposed Release Date: USA Memorial Day 2021

NewLine Cinema Production, Warner Bros Feature Productions Pty Ltd

Producers: James Wan, Todd Garner

Line Producer: E. Bennett Walsh

Unit Production Manager: Anna Steel

Director: Simon McQuoid  DOP: Germain McMicking

Locations Dept:

Supervising Location Manager: Jacob McIntyre

SA Location Manager: Mark Evans

Location Manager: Sharon Kerrigan

Assistant Locations Manager: Scott McCarten

Location  Co-ordinator:  Kahli Gaskin  Loc Secretary: Lewis Kennedy

On Set Loc Assistants: Rick Lewington, Jack Lukac,

Stephanie Kemp, Benjamin Kreig

Moved straight into a Drama Doco out of Japan ( NHK ) on JFK.

Titled: " Unsolved Cases JFK "  Thru KOJO Productions Pty Ltd.

Recreating Dallas 1963... Using parts of Port Adelaide and houses in

Beaumont. Not really an easy brief in Adelaide.  

Producer: Mio Letomi  Director: Takegoro Nishimura

DOP: Maxx Corkindale

Location Manager: Mark Evans

Location Assistant: Scott McCarten

DEC 2019: Besides Xmas ... more of the same in Wrap Up mode with Mortal Kombat and starting pre on JFK.

NOV 2019: Special Night... 16th November  The 42nd  Adelaide Advertising and Design Club Awards Night.

OCT - SEPT 2019: Filming began on Mortal Kombat from

Monday Sept 16,

I arrived back from Tuscany on the 15th and hit the set from the 17th.

With my Son Jack turning 30 on Sept 5, I left the final weeks of Pre on Mortla Kombat and travelled to Dresden Germany with my Sister and had a little road trip to Tuscany, Via Switzerland, and Lake Como.

AUG - MAY 2019: Pre-Production began on Mortal Kombat in May

with many trips to Mt Crawford, and lots of liaising with Warehouses in

Port Adelaide... The Locations Department grew as we started to lockdown locations with a huge Art Department, building some amazing sets.

Talking a crew size of around 600 People .. Hollywood in Adelaide !

Glad you like Scrolling .. nearly at the end of page ?

So if you want something Produced or Directed or a Location to find 

give me a Call...

Europe Trip: August 24 - Back Sept 15

Germany, Switzerland, Italy

March was the begining of the End of the World as we know it ..!


From now.. 2020 ..is totally unkown?


It was a complete surprise, nearly did not show up. Main reason was I thought an old friend Paula smith was receiving this Life Achievement Award.

Leona Cichon did a great job in getting me there , let alone winning such a prestigious  award, Many thanks to the AADC President James Rickard  


Holding the perpetual Trophy- Watering Can

AADC President : James Rickard

Good Friends and Work Colleagues

Leona Cichon, Ernie Clark, Julienne Clark, Fiona Lanyon

Surprise Family at the Awards

Sister Sue, Sons Jack and Harry

APRIL - MARCH 2019: After breaking from " The Hunting " had a few weeks to get to ACT see my Neice Elisha and her new Baby-Evelyn .

Also travelled to NSW South Coast, spent time with John and Catherine Richards, in their new house in Milton, not far from Batemans Bay.

MARCH - JAN 2019: Wrapped on " The Hunting " begining of March.

Another 5 months of my life gone !!

We managed a challenging schedule with a few tricky locations from Schools to Strip Clubs ? working thru 40 Degrees+ long hot days...

Great mainly SA Crew and Production Office.

Producers: Lisa Scott, Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde

Line Producer: Fiona Lanyon  Prod Manager: Bettina Hamilton

Directors: Ana Kokkinos, Sophie Hyde

DOP: Bonnie Elliot ACS

Location Manager: Mark Evans

Location Assistant: Rick Lewington

End of Shoot, Drinks at Jacob's Apartment

Back: Lewis, Ben, Murray,Jacob,Mark, Rick, Kahli

Front: Steph, Jack

Jack's Big 30th - Tuscany Italy

Andrew, Sue, Gemma, Emilija, Carla, Harry, Jack, Dad, Claire, Sophie, Justin

Turning Pt Adelaide into Chicago

With Catherine and John on the local beach at Milton

Baby Evelyn " Evie "