MARCH  2019



JAN - MARCH'19: Wrapped on " The Hunting " begining of March.

Another 5 months of my life gone !!

We managed a challenging schedule with a few tricky locations from Schools to Strip Clubs ? working thru 40 Degrees+ long hot days...

Watch it on SBS sometime in September 2019.

Great mainly SA Crew and Production Office.

Producers: Lisa Scott, Rebecca Summerton, Sophie Hyde

Line Producer: Fiona Lanyon  Prod Manager: Bettina Hamilton

Directors: Ana Kokkinos, Sophie Hyde

DOP: Bonnie Elliot ACS

Location Manager: Mark Evans

Location Assistant: Rick Lewington

DEC 2018: Started December in Pre - Production with Closer Productions

on a SBS 4 Part TV Series titled " The Hunting "

Synopsis: Two idealistic high school teachers discover students are sharing explicit photos of their underage friends and peers – a revelation that puts unbearable stress on the tightly woven lives of four teenagers and their families.

The Hunt will reverberate with compassion and humanity, seeking hope amid the ugliness. It will force us to question the assumptions we make about the status quo, the characters on screen, and the people in our own lives. But, ultimately, this series will be a story that considers how we best help our young people navigate their world in this technological era.

We hope The Hunt will resonate with audiences and that it will widen and deepen discussion vital to young people and their families today.

We start shooting in January 2019 and complete beginning of March...

Time for a break maybe ???

NOV 2018: Began early pre on " Ther Hunting " dealing with High Schools and starting the search for a myraid of houses.

Squeezed in a Coles Shoot  with Flinders Lane Productions out of Melbourne

along with the regular Adelaide 7 News Promos  for Mark Disher and Cinematographer  Chris Herzfeld. Only one missing was the late Ian Linton who is normally on the  7 News Shoots. ( I have known Ian since the ADS 7 Days in our late teens.... will be sadly missed )

OCT 2018: Interesting project with Piper Films all about mental health in the Police Force titled " Dark Blue "  A 1hr Dramatised Documentary.

Mike, Vicki and Corey put in many hours and I'am looking forward to seeing the end result, for a very worthwhile and thought provoking project.

Had a little 2 weeks in LA Catching up with long time friends Kris Denton

and his wife Betsy. Saw Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl, Met Morgan Freeman on a shoot with Kris... Lovely Guy...

Cruised Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica and Malibu. Saw " A Star is Born " at a amazing Doby Cinema in Burbank... A special time with special friends.

SEPT 2018: Most of the month was taken up with Producing / Directing a new Corporate TVC for CMI Toyota... Same Music different approach with the edit and Fx completed by KOJO...

Click Here: https://vimeo.com/309220799

AUG - APRIL 2018: Finished Wanted 3, 6 x 1Hr  Seven Network,

Thru Matchbox Pictures. Started Pre - Prod in April after Easter, a rollicking roads series with over 100 locations... Without the help of Sarah Abbey,

Rick Lewington, Sharon Kerrigan and Kahli Gaston... it would not have happened.  Over 12,000 Km travelled.

FaceBook Link:


Wanted 3 Cast: Rebecca Gibney, Geraldine Hakewell

Producers: Tom Hoffie, Peter Salmon

Directors: Peter Templeman, Jocelyn Moorhouse

DOP: Mark Wareham ACS

MARCH - FEB 2018: Feb thru to March was a mixed bag of a few TVCs

and some location work for a small horror flick titled " Awoken"

Awoken Crew:

Producers: Daniel J Phillips, Charles Billeh

Line Producer: Sally Clarke

Director: Daniel J Phillips

DOP:  Michael Tessari

FEB - JAN 2018: Away for Xmas  and New Year.... Xmas in Dresden Germany with my Sons and partners, little bit of travel to Munich, Vienna, Graz in Austria for New Years Eve, Rome then to Milan and home.....

Brings us back to 2017......

So if you want something Produced or Directed or a Location to find 

give me a Call...

Just a Few Beers that we tasted around Europe !